Fuelling Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

AXOS Renewable Energy is leading the transformation of combustible fuels with new innovative technologies that benefit the environment and grow customer’s profits.  By pushing fuel technology forward, we are delivering cleaner fuels to meet Canada’s growing demand for CleanTech and contribute to a brighter future.

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Reduced Emissions

Low-Carbon fuels are the key to reducing carbon dioxide emissions today in the cars, trucks, boats and heavy machinery we use today. Experience 80+% in reduction of harmful emissions.

Direct Drop-In

Renewable Diesel is a direct drop-in meaning no alterations to your fuel system nor mixing with petroleum diesel is necessary and can be used as a straight replacement for your current fuel.

No Harmful Aromatics

Aromatics, which include known and suspected carcinogens like benzene and toluene make up 25% of traditional fuels. Aromatics are the most carbon intensive and toxic compounds creating the worst tailpipe emissions.

Learn the difference between:


Biofuel gives you the performance you need while giving the greater benefit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions which makes it the ideal fuel for your fleet.

Renewable Fuel

Renewable Fuel is chemically similar to petroleum fuel without all the harmful toxins. It is a straight replacement for diesel fuel and is the perfect solution to start reducing your carbon footprint today.

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