Frequently Asked Questions​

Everything you need to know about AXOS Renewable Energy

What does AXOS Renewable Energy do?

AXOS Renewable Energy is a preferred supplier of clean fuels such as Renewable Fuels and Biofuels. AXOS is meeting the demand for a cleaner and sustainable future and is committed to helping companies achieve their emission reduction goals.

What is Renewable Fuel?

Renewable Fuel is chemically identical to petroleum fuel except it is made from nonpetroleum renewable sources such as natural fats, vegetable oils, greases and other agricultural waste products. Because it is hydrogenated, Renewable Fuel runs much cleaner than petroleum-based fuels. The biggest bonus of all? Renewable Fuel can be used as a direct drop-in. No additions or modifications are necessary.

What is the difference between Renewable Fuel and Biofuel?

Biofuel and Renewable Fuel are distinct but different. They are similar in that they both do not derive from a fossil fuel source however they have their own unique applications.

Biofuel is made from lipids, which are also known as fats and oils. Such examples are grease, animal fats, vegetable oil and algae. Biodiesel is composed of excess products or waste and NOT from biomass that was grown specifically to be made into fuel. Note that Biofuel is not intended to be used as a straight replacement for diesel.

Instead, it is blended anywhere from 5-20% with diesel. This premium blend of biofuel meets and exceeds all specifications as per ASTM 6751. Renewable Fuel is produced from lipids and cellulose-structured biomass such as crop residue, wood and crops that were grown for the purpose of being made into fuel. Renewable Diesel is closest in similarity at a chemical level as petroleum diesel. It is mostly produced using processes such as pyrolysis, gasification, hydrotreating and other thermochemical and biochemical processes.

Renewable Fuel is meant to be used as a drop-in meaning, no alterations to your fuel system nor mixing with petroleum diesel is necessary. It can be used as a straight replacement for your petroleum diesel fuel. Renewable Fuel meets all expectations set out by ASTM D975.

Why should I switch from regular fuel to Bio/Renewable Fuel?

Many benefits have been quantified from switching from regular fuel to Bio/Renewable Fuel.  Such benefits include but are not limited to: